How to Get Rid of Cellulite with Mesotherapy, lymphatic drainage and carboxytherapy

How mesotherapy,lymphatic drainage and carboxytherapy can help in reducing cellulite

Cellulite’s a cosmetic condition that’s characterized by bulging, pitting, or deformation on skin and mostly occurs in women. Cellulite is most common in and around the thighs. While at least 90% of women will develop cellulite at some stage in their life, several treatments are available to help reduce cellulite. They include mesotherapy, lymphatic drainage, carboxytherapy, among many others. Well, the following article is going to discuss the three cellulite treatments mentioned in much more detail.

Mesotherapy for cellulite reduction

Developed in 1952 in France, mesotherapy is a medical treatment that was designed to boost circulation and treat conditions such as sports traumas, rheumatology, vascular and infectious diseases. It’s gone on to become one of the best cellulite treatments and is also great for lymphatic drainage, fluid retention, skin rejuvenation and localized fat reduction.

In mesotherapy, a variety of medicines are combined and injected into the affected area of the body. As with other treatments, mesotherapy also has a few positive and negative side effects over the body.

How it works

The mesotherapy medication is actually a combination of micronutrients, enzymes, and plant material like aloe vera, anti-inflammatory medications, and hormones.

Minerals such as zinc or amino acid, as well as vitamins like A, C, E and homeopathic medications are injected to the cellulite-affected area of the body as well. Vitamins and amino acid help the skin look shiny and smooth and also helps in increasing the metabolism.

Mesotherapy is a mixture of various injections to help treat cellulite. They’re injected into the affected area as needed. The injections are aminophylline, lidocaine and hyaluronidase.

This cellulite treatment may be easily done on the hips, thighs, stomach, waist and arms separately. The chances of getting desired results is high with mesotherapy and many women all over the world have succeeded in treating their problem with this medical technique.

In order to get the best results from mesotherapy, you may have to take 3-15 sessions. The cost of the treatment depends on the weight, number of sessions you’ve taken and the doctor you’ve consulted.

See this video for more details about how mesotherapy can help to get rid of cellulitis.


Lymphatic drainage for cellulite reduction

One of the main causes of cellulite formation is reduced lymph circulation. Lymph has white blood cells and assists in the removal of fluid waste from your body, as well as supplies the necessary nutrition to the cells. Circulating lymph signifies good white blood cells, which in turn means a healthy immune system. When the lymph doesn’t move freely in the body, fat deposits and toxins continue to accumulate, depriving cells of their nutrition, ultimately leading to cellulite. So, in order to get rid of cellulite, the first thing to do is to get your lymph moving, which ensures that waste fluids are also flushed out of your body. Lymphatic drainage massage is a special form of massage which can used to help stimulate lymph circulation and remove cellulite.

There are many forms of lymphatic drainage therapy, including manual lymphatic drainage, massaging oneself, dry skin brushing, massage by a therapist, pressotherapy and anti-cellulite machines.

I found this great video about How to detox your lymphatic system by Nicole Graves and I thinks is a great way to show you a way to detox your lymphatic system and help on reducing cellulitis.

Carboxytherapy for cellulite reduction

Carboxytherapy is a simple, new and effective anti-aging treatment that significantly decreases cellulite appearance by improving perfusion and local tissue metabolism. Carboxytherapy is fast, effective and comfortable for most patients. It’s a non-surgical procedure that involves injecting CO2 (carbon dioxide) into one’s subcutaneous tissue using a tiny needle.

How it works

Everyday, you breathe in oxygen, and breathe out carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide also signifies poor circulation of blood in the body. All of the body’s cells release carbon dioxide as a waste product. When you breathe in oxygen to your lungs, your red blood cells carry the oxygen to your tissues until they reach an area with excess carbon dioxide. If you inject some amount of carbon dioxide just underneath the skin’s surface, you’ll trick your body into increasing the circulation of blood to that area. Increased blood circulation has been proven to be beneficial for cellulite, stretch marks, and dark under-eye circles.

During Carboxytherapy, carbon dioxide is injected to one’s subcutaneous tissue using a tiny needle (about 0.3 millimeters in diameter). The carbon dioxide (CO2) easily diffuses from the injection area into nearby treated areas.

15-20 sessions are required to minimize cellulite. Carboxytherapy sessions are usually scheduled every two days, although sometimes 1-2 sessions per week may be enough. Each session takes 10-25 minutes, based on the number and size of areas treated. You may start to see results after the fifth session.

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