How to get rid of Cellulite on Legs


If you are asking yourself how to get rid of cellulite on legs this article can help you.


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Let´s face it, when is coming the Sumer, is coming also a big beauty issue we must face. Yes, I am talking about that irritating cellulite, mainly in our legs which are shown a lot on the beauty summer clothes.
First of all, we need to know what is causing cellulite? Then we can start taking actions to get rid of cellulite on legs or at least reduce its appearance.


Cellulitte causes:

Cellulite occurs in the upper layers of our skin and is an overlap of fat cells with the connective fibrous tissues.
Cellulite occurs for several factors such as weight gain and loss, genetic aging, hormones changes, and some others. There are connective tissues that cover the fat cells and hold them on their place. However this tissue is weakened and fat cells forces their way, and then that causes the unequal dimpled look on skin that we know as cellulite or orange peel.

Treatments for getting rid of cellulite on legs

All treatments for cellulite that are affective, will be useful also for treating the specific case of cellulite on legs.
The first Tips from Cellulite Ninja Team, will be to have a healthy life style, including, a balanced an nutritious diet, enough liquids, specific exercises and to sleep well (the hours and quality of rest your body need to stay in health).
Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking must be avoided because causes cellulite. If you are overweight, lose weight will be an important help to reduce the cellulite appearance and also will be an improvement for your health. But be aware not falling down on YO-YO diets, because that will make the cellulite problem bigger.
Regarding the balanced diet, you should be sure to include enough fruits and vegetables. These foods will help you to reduce inflammation on the body.
Don´t forget to have good consumption of water, because stay hydrated will help to strengthen connective tissues.
Reducing the fat on your body with exercise and balanced diet will reduce the appearance of cellulitis.
Having adequate rest will reduce stress and rejuvenate your body, improving not only your appearance in general but your inner health.

Do creams and spa treatments help on reducing cellulite?


On the market, you may find several creams that state to help to refine and smooth the skin. If you really want a result, look for the ones with Aminophylline, caffeine and Retinol.

Why Aminophyle on a Cellulite reduction cream?

Aminophylline works temporarily reducing the water in fat cells. Then they become smaller and do not overlap through the connective tissue.

How does caffeine help on cellulite reduction? Caffeine makes a dehydrating effect on fat cells for a toned look.
How does Retinol works on skin appearance? Retinol will make a thicker skin on the area that is applied and then it makes a smoothing effect.

I let you also this video I found with a great recipe with coffe to get ridof cellulite naturally.

There are also more expensive treatments like radio-frequency, laser, and massage treatments to reduce cellulite. There are also dermal fillers like Restylane that are also treatments to kill cellulitis. These options can be effective in reducing the appearance of cellulitis, but are expensive. And you must be aware that even paying for high cost treatments your should always take care of your health because in the long term, part of cellulite can be a result of not balanced nutrition, lack of exercise and other bad habits.

TIP  of the day from Cellulite Ninja:
No matter what treatments you select to get rid of cellulite in legs or in general, they will provide a temporary solution and requires consistency from you for permanent results. Please don´t forget to ask you licensed skin care specialist or dermatologist before any treatment.
I hope this post have helped to you.
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Have a nice day.! 

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